Events / Activities

  Date Event Type Events
   29/04/2020 Others 41st Annual General Meeting of the Electronics Division
   11/02/2020 Technical Seminar [CANCELLED] Technical Seminar: Deep Learning Demystified
   14/01/2020 Technical Seminar How 5G Technology will reshape our Industries and Society
   10/01/2020 Symposium Metrology Symposium 2020: The International System of Units - Fundamentally better
   17/12/2019 Technical Seminar Technical Seminar: Smart City - Video Analytics {Full}
   03/12/2019 Technical Visit Technical Visit to Sino Inno Lab {Full}
   22/11/2019 Technical Seminar Technical Seminar: Cyber Security – Build a Zero Trust Network & Machine Learning
   13/11/2019 Technical Seminar CUHK Robocon Team Sharing
   06/11/2019 Technical Seminar Wireless Drone Deployment – Past and Near Future
   25/10/2019 Technical Visit Technical Visit to China Mobile 5G Innovation Centre "Hong Kong Open Lab"
   26/09/2019 Technical Seminar One-day Symposium on 3rd Generation Semiconductor
   23/09/2019 Technical Seminar Technical Seminar: USB Fast Charge Protocol IC & Applications
   30/08/2019 Technical Visit InnoTours@EMSD InnoZone
   27/08/2019 Technical Seminar The Evolution of Cyber Security Landscape
   26/07/2019 Technical Visit SmartHub@CLP Showcases a Smart City Future for Hong Kong
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