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Technical Seminar: Cyber Security – Build a Zero Trust Network & Machine Learning

Date, time & venue

2019-11-22;6:30-8:00pm;Chan Yat Mei Sophie Room – 9/F


Technical Seminar: Cyber Security – Build a Zero Trust Network & Machine Learning


Jointly organised by HKIE- CAD, END and AMC


Date, Time, Venue:

22 November 2019 (Friday); 6:30-8:00pm; HKIE-Chan Yat Mei Sophie Room


Programme Highlight

How to Build a Zero Trust Network

“Trust is always a vulnerability in a digital system,” John Kindervag, Founder of Zero Trust. Much has been written about the topic of Zero Trust and is it a security buzz word or a true effective security strategy? In this session, you will learn specific outcomes of implementation a Zero Trust architecture.


Detecting Attacks with Machine Learning

Noise is the enemy of detection and response. After data breaches, forensic investigators have often found warning signs left behind by adversaries, but these signs were buried amongst thousands of other security alerts, including countless false positives. In this session, you will learn how machine learning and behavioural analytics can provide security teams the edge they need to reduce noise and accurately pinpoint attacks.



Powerpoint in English and presentation in Cantonese



Mr. Patric Wu, Systems Engineer,  Palo Alto Networks

Mr. Michael Lam, Systems Engineer , Palo Alto Networks


Registration & Enquiries

The seminar is free of charge with maximum of participants of 80.  For information, please visit CAD website http://www.ca.hkie.org.hk For registration, please complete the online enrollment form at CAD website http://www.ca.hkie.org.hk. Successful applicants will be notified before the event.  For enquiries, please contact Mr. Benjamin Lam at bencamay1119@gmail.com .  Attendance certificate will be awarded immediately after the seminar .





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