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How 5G Technology will reshape our Industries and Society

Date, time & venue

2020-01-14;18:30 - 20:00;Chan Yat Mei Sophie Room – 9/F


Jointly Organized by HKIE Electronics Division and Young Members Committee


5G is the fifth generation wireless technology for digital cellular networks that has begun deployment in 2019.  5G is posed to bring three key advancements in wireless communications. 

(1) Faster Data transfer:  5G data rates can reach 10 times higher than 4G.  At mmWave spectrum, it can reach 1-10 Gbps, such that a high-definition movie can be downloaded in seconds. 

(2) Lower Latency: Comparing with previous generations of technologies, 5G will significantly reduce the latency, or time lag between sending and receiving data.  This enables close to real-time interactive applications between the two communicating ends. 

(3) Increased capacity: 5G technology greatly increases the capacity over 4G/LTE, enabling more people and devices to communicate at the same time.  5G is expected to unleash a massive IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem where networks can serve communication between billions of connected devices.

This seminar will present an update on the recent developments in 5G technologies, and its potential applications as an enabler in Smart Cities development. 

About the speaker

Dr Henry Wong is the Head of Strategic Wireless Technology & Core Networks of Hong Kong Telecommunications Limited, looking after the strategies, planning, and implementation of the CSL network.   Dr. Henry is an active member of the HKIE, and has contributed in various events held by HKIE.


Registration & Enquiries

This seminar is free of charge with maximum capacity of 80. Applications will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis. For registration, please complete the online registration at the following link "HERE". CPD certificate will be issued to those who attend the seminar.  For enquiries, please contact Ir Albert Chang via Email: albert.np.chang@pccw.com





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