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Technology Fundamentals Workshops – Telecom Fundamental Series

Date, time & venue

2021-03-23;6:30pm to 9:00pm;Zoom Meeting

Technology Fundamentals Workshops – Telecom Fundamental Series

Organized by HKIE END

Programme highlights

Aim to provide the fundamental/entry level knowledges to the Engineers who are interested to know more from the telecom industry (such as the technical jargon, basic components and theories).

A series of 3 technology fundamental workshops (Basic telecom, Wireless, Data network) to take place in a year. To provide introduction of telecom technologies and knowledge from both Theoretical and practical aspects.

1st Topic, Basic Telecom Fundamentals

Mar 2021 18:30 to 21:00

2nd Topic, Wireless Fundamentals

Jun 2021 18:30 to 21:00

3rd Topic, Data Network Fundamentals

Oct 2021 18:30 to 21:00


Target Audience

Green Engineers, Engineers from other industry (e.g. Building Service, Civil, E&M, IT, etc.), Electronics Engineers with limited knowledge on the related topics

1st workshop: Basic Telecom Fundamentals

Data: 23 March 2021 (Tuesday)

Time: 6:30pm to 9:00pm

Language: Cantonese

Venue: Zoom

Fees: Free of Charge, first come first serve, registration required

Introduction of the Webinar

The Basic Telecom Fundamentals workshop deliver the following high-level contents. It is not a deep dive of telecom technology but entry level of information. After this workshop, the audience should have an idea of the telecom terms and technical jargons.

-          Basic Concepts

o   Analog and Digital, Voice and Data, Bandwidth, Communication Media

-          Network Architecture

o   Network Topologies

-          Types of Communication Technology

o   E.g. Optical transport, Satellite, Cellular, Microwave, Telephony, etc.

-          How to Choose a Communication Technology

o   Traffic Engineering, Characteristics

-          International Standards

o   ITU-T, IEEE, ETSI, 3GPP, etc.

-          Testing and Cable Jointing Tools

o   Tools for fibre optic, data network, radio, etc.



Introduction of the Speakers

Ir Dr KF Tsang

Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering
City University of Hong Kong


Ir Dr KF Tsang is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, City University of Hong Kong. KF specializes in smart city applications including IoT standards, 5G IoT, LPWAN etc. His recent focus is around AI, blockchain, IoT for healthcare, localisation, transportation and smart lampposts design. He was awarded the IoT Heros Award in 2016 by GS1 IoT Council (nominated by Cisco). KF is now a consultant to the HK government (EMSD) on IoT standards and Best Practices.


Internationally, KF is the Chairman of IEEE Standard P2668 "IoT Index"; incoming Chairman of LPWAN (NB IoT, LoRa, Sigfox) Work Group for IEEE P1451.5 smart sensors; a member of the IEEE1932.1 standard for License/Unlicensed Spectrum Interoperability in Wireless Mobile Networks Working Group; VP Publications, IEEE PSES, Committee Member of IEEE RFID Council, Committee Member of IEEE Systems Council, Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics; Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Industrial informatics; Associate Editor of IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine. Locally, KF is the Editor (Electrical) of the HKIE Transactions; Director of Logistics And Supply Chain Multitech R&D Centre (LSCM); a Council Member of HKIE; President, Honorary Advisor Committee, The Greater Bay Area 5G Industry Alliance; VP and Chairman of Internet of Things Committee, Smart City Consortium; Chairman of IEEE CEOES HK Chapter; Past Chairman of HKIE Electronics Division. 



Ir. Ken Chan

Technical Services Planning & Development Manager

CLP Power (Hong Kong) Limited


Ir. Ken Chan is currently a Technical Services Planning & Development Manager of Telecom Branch in CLP Power Hong Kong Limited and has a role to design and develop the telecommunications infrastructure in CLP Power.  Prior to the current position, Ken has worked in Smart Grid Program Office as a Senior Engineer for the smart meter connectivity study.

Prior to joining CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, Ken has worked in Huawei Technologies and Alcatel-Lucent as Product Manager and Technical Project Manager respectively to mainly deliver the multi-national communications networks.

Ir. Ken Chan obtained his BSc degree in Computer Science from University of Greenwich, UK., and a MSc degree in Energy Engineering from The University of Hong Kong.


Registration & Enquiries

This webinar “Basic Telecom Fundamentals” is free of charge with maximum capacity of 400.  For registration, please complete the online registration by clicking the direct enrolment link "HERE". Electronic CPD certificate will be issued to those who attend the webinar and complete the event survey. The deadline for registration is 18 March 2021. For enquiries, please contact Mr. Homan Ho via Email: hm.ho@clp.com.hk



More to come!! Stay Tuned!!

The 2nd workshop: Wireless Fundamentals is arranged to be delivered in Jun 2021. It provides introduction to RF engineering both from Theoretical and practical aspects which covers:

-          RF Basic knowledge

-          Transmitter / Receiver

-          Impedance Matching

-          Antenna

-          Radio System Engineering


The 3rd workshop: Data Network Fundamentals is arranged to be delivered in Oct 2021. It provides introduction to Data Networking with the following topics:

-          Introduction of Data Communications

-          Data Network Fundamental

-          Introduction of Layer 2 Switching Technologies

-          Introduction of Layer 3 Routing Technologies

-          Network Testing







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