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Recent Developments in the COVID-19 prevention and treatment

Date, time & venue

2021-05-07;18:00 to 19:30;Webinar

Organized by:   HKIE Electronics Division

Date:          7 May 2021 (FRI)

Time:          18:00 to 19:30 (60mins presentation, 15mins Q&A)

Venue:         Virtual Conference

Fees:            Free of charge


Speaker:         Dr YANG Lin

Dr YANG Lin is Associate Professor in School of Nursing, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She joined PolyU in 2014 after obtaining her PhD in epidemiology from School of Public Health, the University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include infectious disease epidemiology, infection control and vaccination. She has published more than 40 research articles in international peer-review journals, and her researches widely cover epidemiological characteristics, clinical management and transmission modeling of COVID-19. She is now the vice chairperson of the Infection Control Subcommittee of the Guangdong Provincial Association of Hospitals and the expert committee member of the China Medical Education Association. 

No. of Participants:              200 maximum (first come first serve)

Registration:                        Link

Deadline of Registration:       01 May 2021


Introduction to the Webinar:

Since the SARS-CoV-2 emerged in December 2019, it has quickly spread worldwide to infect over 100 million people and claimed over 2 million deaths as of 9 February 2021. Numerous efforts have been investigated on this novel coronavirus and a variety of control measures have been implemented by different countries/regions. It is an unprecedented achievement that several vaccines were developed and authorized for emergency use, within one year after the first COVID-19 cases were reported. In this talk, I will review the current evidence about control measures and treatments with the special focus on interdisciplinary studies between engineering, biological and medical researchers (such as AI assisted diagnosis/treatment and smart contact tracking).





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