Events / Activities

  Date Event Type Events
   12/02/2018 Technical Seminar Video Synopsis and Smart Buildings Solutions
   02/02/2018 Technical Seminar IoT Transducer
   15/12/2017 Technical Seminar Technical Challenges of OTT Service in Broadcasting Grade
   13/12/2017 Technical Seminar Demystify a Patent Document
   09/12/2017 Technical Visit Zero Carbon Building (ZCB)
   11/11/2017 Technical Visit Video Streaming Facilities of TFI Digital Media Limited {FULL}
   10/11/2017 Conferences Hong Kong Electronics Project Competition (HKEPC) Winners Conference
   16/10/2017 Technical Seminar Hong Kong Electronic Forum - "Artificial Intelligence (AI) Embedded Electronics – 人工智能嵌入式電子”
   24/08/2017 Technical Seminar Smartcard Security and its Applications
   28/07/2017 Technical Seminar Smart metering technology based on Power Line Communication (PLC) technology
   21/07/2017 Technical Seminar Overview on the Smart Technologies in Video Surveillance Applications
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